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"You Don't Know My Story" is a book of 50 poems or small clippings of my life. I was inspired to write this book because of past experiences (mostly painful). In this book, I pray to God or have a conversation with God about what's going on in my life and ask Him to help me get through it. Through experiences with being a single parent, bad relationships, sicknesses, multiple family deaths, backstabbing friends, family hurt, and church hurt, You Don't Know My Story came about. My life is a story that is sometimes hidden with a smile. But through everything that I've been through and still going through, God has always been right there. So, this book is to encourage you to keep holding on and know that you're not alone in this Christian fight. Thank you to everyone who supported this book. Special "Thanks" to everyone in my past and present that motivated me to write this book. May God continue to Bless you!

"You Don't Know My Story"

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