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Shabarbara Best- Everette was born in Rocky Mount, NC on March 6, 1976. She is the spouse to a 23- year Army veteran and Army Mom to her only child, Malachi. Shabarbara is a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She is currently attending Liberty University earning a dual master's degree. She is a former Day Care Owner and Special Education Teacher. She has fostered over 40 children, so far.

Shabarbara has had a challenging life that used to be hidden with a smile.  Now she smiles because she is still here. Shabarbara's books, “You Don’t Know My Story” “You Still Don’t Know My Story" and "Surviving the Storm: Life With and After Cancer” consists of 50 poems or small clippings of her life. She was inspired to write these books because of past life experiences. She uses these books as tools to encourage those who may be going through similar situations.

Before reading her books or speaking to Shabarbara to hear her story, you would never guess that she’s been through anything. You would never guess that Shabarbara was nine months pregnant and homeless, then ended up living with a stranger for several months with her newborn baby as a single mom. You would never guess that she contemplated suicide because she was married to a pastor who physically, emotionally, and verbally abused her daily. You wouldn’t guess that she was molested three times by a family member or that she miscarried three times. Shabarbara is a three- time cancer SURVIVOR- once cervical cancer and breast cancer twice. Shabarbara has experienced more deaths in her family than most people, which are always in multiples of three. And the list goes on…..

As you can see, Shabarbara is a survivor of many circumstances. The fact is this… if she hadn’t gone through all of those tests; she wouldn’t be who she is today. She wouldn’t know that she could come out of so much agony. Shabarbara wouldn’t know that she could help others in their trials and tribulations. So, she constantly says, “If I’ve been through this, then I know you can go through that. I’m not sure why God chose me, but I’m glad that He did. I am grateful for my ups and downs. At the time that I was going through them, I didn’t understand. But when I look at where I was and where I am now, I can say that I appreciate the pain that I’ve had to endure.”

If you would like to contact Shabarbara Best- Everette, please leave a message on the “Contact” page.

May God continue to Bless you!

Shabarbara has been a Special Guest on TV Talk Shows, Radio Shows, Magazines, Newspapers, Conferences, Schools, Churches, etc.

Shabarbara's company, "Words From The Heart Publishing Company" was awarded the Tennessee 2014 Small Business Champion of the Year and the 2014 Rising Star Award by the U. S. Small Business Administration. She was chosen out of 560,000 other businesses in the state of Tennessee.

If you are interesting in getting more information about "Words From The Heart Publishing Company" or publishing your own books, please leave a message on the "Contact" page.

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