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“It’s Healthy Cooking Time 2” is Shabarbara’s Fourth Cook Book from the “It’s Cooking Time” series. Just like her other cook books, “It’s Healthy Cooking Time 2” also has easy recipes that you can make at home, but healthier. There are a variety of recipes, so there is something for everyone! “It’s Healthy Cooking Time 2” was not written for those people who are trying to do a quick diet, but for those who want to make a lifestyle change to eating better daily. Some people think Healthy Foods= Nasty Tasting Foods. Some people may ask… “Does the food in this book still taste good?” And the answer is… “Yes! The Food Still Taste Good!” You will really enjoy the healthier desserts versions. Take a few minutes and prepare your meals and drinks yourself, then you will know exactly what your body is consuming. Have fun preparing these meals and drinks while spending more quality time at home with your family and friends! And as I always say, “Live Life To The Fullest!” Feel free to send pictures of your meals, leave comments, or order products at

"It's Healthy Cooking Time 2"

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